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VIP-VIRANT welding technologies

Know-how and experience, creating a strong bond (weld)

Compacting and contact welding is a performance feature from the very beginning.Compacting means the compression of component part material. With this procedure air bubble encapsulation is prevented. Due to the increase of welding applications in the last years, especially of automotive electrical systems, the VIP-VIRANT Group improved in addition the technology of "compression" of cable ends. Here the single strands of the stranded wire are welded together to form a solid peace.


High quality compression (as well as compacting) means: Precision and maximum of exact measures in width and height. This guarantees a long life span of the solidly welded single strands.


Individually adjusted, we produce compactings and compressions manually or fully automated.Our state of the art machine spectrum results in the flexibility to offer both product variations. Flexibility that doesn't stop at the desired and needed product material. You can see our advantage of resistance welding technology and the possibility to process surface finishing with copper and gold wires.


VIP-VIRANT compacting has following advantages:

  • Connection of wires and clamps without the use of end sleeves for strands
  • Plug cycles conform with solid wire
  • Preventing fraying of the wire ends
  • Availability of the surfaces to be welded in height and width,  precisely down to the tiniest detail
  • Increase of process safety of the subsequent connections
  • Simplification of the design and geometry of the welding tool
  • Room for more complex cable harness constructions


(Know-how)³ for your product success.




US welding, the future oriented process for strand and terminal applications, where connection of many wires with each other is needed (as well as the connection of strands with the grounding or high voltage contacts).


Unrivalled in comparison to crimping and resistance welding; in addition to excellent electrical properties of the connection and the extremly low energy consumption, the US welding technology allows you total process control and excellent process data management.




Our developed strong competence in LASER welding for our automotive, automotive supplying, medicine technology, measurement and control technology customers, as well as for the IT technology and machinery customers.


The LASER welding technology is a precision joining technology with high welding speed and minimized thermal distorsion, resulting in mechanical stress resistant, high density and visually appealing welding joints. Due to the use of inert gas such as nitrogen, argon or helium you have smooth, shining as well as soot and  oxide free welding joints.


Application examples for LASER welding

  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Conductors for layer cells
  • Battery stripes and cans
  • Insuline pump housings
  • Brachy seeds




The micro joining is our core competence of welding technologies. Therefore our know how comprises all types of resistant welding there is.Projection welding, spot-welding. Thermo compression welding, gap and strand welding, VIP VIRANT has 20 years routine in resistance welding for the automotive, electronic and machinery industry.


Application examples for resistance welding

  • Motor connectors
  • Plug connections
  • Cables
  • Lighting components
  • Battery stripes and cans
  • Sensors

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