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VIP-VIRANT Flexible Flat Cable (FFC).

Space and weight problems- we have a sophisticated solution.

As complex as infotainment systems in modern vehicles are, as complex is the requirement/specification profile for the assemby and configuration of immanent cables and wires.


FFC system know how at all levels


For flexible connections to PCBs or components VIP-VIRANT provides the flexible flat cable covering the full application range. From flexible flat foils, contacted by soldering and hot bar soldering, up to foil connector with 0.5 and 1.0 mm grid in SMD technology for ZIF applications.


With the VIP-VIRANT Group you make a decision for an ambitioned manufacturer for mechatronic systems and connectors with profound knowledge of flexible flat technology for telecommunication, automotive and mobile communitcation. For the wide spectrum of hightech and high quality connector series for all applications:

  • FPC/FFC connectors
  • Board to Board connectors
  • Board to Wire system connections


FFC Line

FFC Line


FFC Antenna

FFC Crimping

Board to Wire System connection

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