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VIP-VIRANT casting technology (also sealing and encapsulation)

For the real "all inclusive carefree package" in your production

Wherever the integration of sensitive electronicparts in modules/units is needed, you need the fine art of casting, sealing and encapsulation technology. The VIP-VIRANT technology protects ICs, PCBs, cable inlets, plugs and components against heat, humidity and dust. Absolute isolation, mechanical protection and sealing up to IP67 will equip your product with all around safety.


In comparison to the molding injection technology (working with e.g. 600 bar pressure and therefore destroy components as PCBs), the casting technology can be used for sensitive components. Water resistance, ideal peel strength and impact resistance are remarkable advantages.


VIP VIRANT Group is proficient with this gentle procedure (3-e.g.20 bars). The experience reaches from applications in countless ways and forms up to sophisticated product developments.


Decision-making and ordering certainty is given by the production of authentic samples and prototypes in the inhouse laboratory. I.e. every customer has already before mass production a fully functional tool for subspecimen. This important customer service makes the development of mass production and production lines at the customer side easier. Transparent casting materials open up the view for the future mass production.





AM/FM Antenna

Lightening protection

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