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VIP-VIRANT cable assembly & electrical assembly.

Infotainment - we were involved from the very beginning

Competence from A to Z


  • Services and products of the VIP-VIRANT cable assembly:
  • automatic cutting and stripping
  • half automatic assembly
  • complete cable harnesses
  • stranded hook-up wires (PVC or PA, PUR, silicone, FEP and PTFE/ETFE)
  • round, data, coaxial and flat flexible cables LIYY (CY)
  • Connectors (i.a. Tyco, AMP, JST, Molex, Stocko, Hirose, Lumberg, Binder, Amphenol, Fischer, Harting, Ilme, Phoenix Contact, ITT Canon, Weidmüller, Neutrik and others)
  • integration of electronic components and modules
  • power connectors (Contact, Harting, Ilme)
  • power connectors of any kind ub to 120 mm
  • D-Sub-cable/D-Sub mixed contact connectors
  • BNC-, SMA-, SMB-, SMC-, TNC-, UHF-wires
  • HP-, Toshiba-, ratioplast- fiber optic cables
  • Video- and camera cables for CCD-cameras
  • Audio cable of all kind
  • D-Sub, HD-Sub and Sub miniature round connectors
  • ribbon cables
  • single strands
  • special cables with integrated or attached elements or components
  • highvoltage cables incl. connector/plug
  • huge spectrum of manual processing tools of many manufacturers, as e.g. AMP, Harting, Molex, JST
  • certifications
  • If round or flat - we consolidate


The VIP-VIRANT - cable service and cable product spectrum.





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