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Antennas - Development of VIP-VIRANT Group

...from development to the manufacture of high-quality antennas.

From the development of antennas, to the selection of the most suitable antennas to the final production requirements, VIP-VIRANT Group ensures perfect results.


Since antennas in modern wireless systems can only rarely be viewed independently of the rest of the system, the interaction (mutual matching and electromagnetic compatibility) with other system components must often be taken into account in antenna development. Antennas and RF transitions must be adapted to the respective housing and the device design with the utmost care and / or specifically designed to meet ever-increasing demands for quality, functionality, integrity and price.


Not only the immediate antenna environment (the system itself) has an influence on the antenna characteristics such as adaptation, directional characteristics and gain. The antenna material, the mount, the mounting location, and in many cases the user of the system itself, can greatly affect antenna performance. Therefore, the entire spectrum must be comprehensively analyzed for optimum antenna performance, and appropriate solutions suggested. Often, only small changes to individual components can significantly increase the performance of the overall system - we determine the optimal antenna design and positioning for you.


No matter whether the material quality or production processes used in the manufacture of one of the countless different types of antennas, the VIP-VIRANT Group always proves to be a reliable partner.


Antenna Production by VIP-VIRANT Group


Excerpt about selected antenna types (in each case can be customized according to different versions):

  • Antennas in IOT (Internet Of Things)
  • Patch antenna
  • Dielectric Resonator Antennas
  • Spiralantennas
  • Horn antennas
  • Antenna arrays
  • Antennas for portable devices
  • Multibigmented logarithmic periodic antennas
  • RFID antennas
  • Vivaldi antennas


We are looking forward to your project inquiries to provide you with suitable antenna solutions for your specific requirements.

HF-Platine mit Antenne

Kompakte Inverted-F-Antenne

Antenne integriert in Waschmaschine

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