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Quality assurance at VIP-VIRANT


At quality assurance and inspection, the whole VIP-VIRANT Group  does not make any compromises. We want not only to meet the highest standards with respect to material and product quality, delivery reliability and customer service, we want to reach more: to outperform, again and again, each and every day!


Therefore the general management, developers, production employees and the sales employees are an interlinked and committed team. Highest quality of the product, customer satisfaction and the continuous improvements of the production and the operational procedures (KVP) are the permanent pillars of our performed zero defect philosophy.


Besides the 4-eye-principle (valid in all areas), a further group principle ensures our quality demands:
Every employee considers himself as customer and supplier at the same time. This makes nearly automatically sure, that only high quality products/components are accepted, processed and delivered.


But quality and quality assurance doesn't only live because of healthy principles.We want more: systematic quality until the end result! Therefore we move and live with a daily behavior and inspection procedure:


  • four eyes see more than two: 4-eye-principle shows possible failures and defects early
  • sample check within all production steps ensures productivity and quality.
  • electrical inspection: CAN-cards
  • crimp control
  • initial sample test report
  • pull force measurement: MAV Modell CT50
  • optical inspection: Keyence Vision Sensor
  • quality controlled screwing and inspection of complex screwing order: Posi Tracker DPC-990 (Position Controller)


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