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In der automatisierten QS-Prüfung haben wir den doppelten Durchblick

For the fast automated inspection and high-performance sampling inspection in a system, we use latest state of the art analyzing methodes, which provide two testing concepts in one system. They are implemented in the production process.


In the modern SMT production components with BGA, QFN or QFP are more and more utilized. Because their connectors are consealed, a lot of connections can only be safely tested by using x-ray testing. To do this you need high resolution x-ray inspection devices, in order to guarantee the nondestructive inspection and quality assurance of power electronics or special inspections of electronic units and components.The VIP-VIRANT Group owns and uses first class equipment for automatic analysing routines. The system has highest flexibility, since the availability of the automatic x-ray analysis and the manual or half-automatic inspection.


The core of our QA-x-ray-technology is the open micro focus transmission (up to 200kV). This guarantees due to highest zoom and the best picture quality a pinpoint analysis up to a 3-D reconstruction. Therefore in addition to the localization of the defect, single cuts and cross sections can be visualized and evaluated.


The special strength of our system is the full automatic x-ray analysis with a special software, especially for SMD production. The connection of the inspection results of SPI, AOI and AXI guarantees more simple classification and effective process control.

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