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We rather shock our products than our customers

Own temp shock test chambers for the simulation of natural temperature changes are a central component of the VIP-VIRANT quality assurance.


Fast and sudden temperature changes are the most efficient methode to identify latent failures in a product before delivery to the customer. Therefore we realize all temperature values that can be found in nature (-80°C and +220°C). By using the full spectrum of possibilities we secure the product quality due to realistic inspection methodes.


ESS- approved reliability guarantee


At the component inspection the inspection, only at a low and a high temperature, is not sufficient enough. Only testing with sudden temperature changes results in safety.


Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) is not only our guarantee to identify failures/defects in our ongoing production before sending the products to the customer, it is already used in our development to optimize the reliability of our products.


Extremly fast and sudden temperature changes from -80°C to +220°C provide besides temperature stress also extrem mechanical stress to the tested product. At electronic devices, that are exposed to this fast thermic cycles, you can see failures/defects in a very short time.


With this "shock therapy" we eliminate early failures and optimize the product reliability- this is how QA works at VIP-VIRANT. The conformance to the standards DIN, IEC and MIL is self-evident.

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