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A micrograph contains extensive details of form and features of a microstructure. A lot of information can be obtained from a simple micrograph,like behavior of the material under different conditions, the phases found in the system, failure analysis, grain size estimation, elemental analysis and so on. Most commonly we use it for the optimum quality control of crimp- and press connections, the usage and performance of a micro graph laboratory is one of the most important quality instruments.  With the micro graph we can see important information i.a. compression grade of the strand compound, the inrollment of crimp flanges, defects at the wire crimp area, etc.


The VIP-VIRANT Group has all the necessary equipment for a gapless quality assurance. At the release of new crimp contacts and tools, a micrograph is unavoidable.


Therefore we use the full spectrum of possibilities, also with special software, to be able to assure the quality of the wide range of crimp connections by micro graph. With this procedure we are able to recognize and inspect the total contact, to inspect the cross section and longitudonal section as well as to measure, evaluate and document it. Also here we count on innovative developments as well as established functions based on many years of experience.


As standard we use the most common and difficult standards necessary and use their measurement values. For the measurement we have an instruction table, that leads the operator through the standard and it's according measurement values. The most important measurement values can be measured automatically and manually. For all measurement values we have a "guided measurement". This already gives directives automatically (boundary conditions) and makes the measurement easier for the operator. The measurement results are presented in an overview and can be saved in a data base or printed afterwards in form of a report.


Therefore, the highly flexible and modular inhouse micrograph laboratory is a central component in the modern and game-changing quality engineering, that characterizes the VIP-VIRANT Group.

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