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Mechatronics including cable assembly is our daily bread and butter.

Technology innovations are the exquisite ingridients needed.

Core competence of the VIP-VIRANT group remains the development and production of mechatronic systems (complete electronic modules and units) or its single components (e.g. antennas, circuit boards, cable harnesses, cable sets and connection cables of any kind and quality (state of the art production technology) up to the implementation of independent and systemintegrated software-components and interfaces for "wireless" signal transmission; modular, individual and ready to be installed).


At the development and production of all customer specific modules/units and the corresponding cable assembly solutions, you can count on VIP-VIRANTS full spectrum of state of the art technology possibilities.


The experienced production of complete modules/units with integrated chassis, relays and semiconductors, in metal, plastic or hotmelt shows, that the production know how goes far beyond the initially exclusive production of cables, cable harnesses, FFC and all the appropriate specifications.


You can choose customized solutions from our technology variety Tec-Center as well. VIP-VIRANT Group also produces individually such as PC boards, antennas, antenna connections, sensors, plastic parts, cables & connectors, wire harnesses of all kinds, punching bending parts and much more for YOU.


Innovation was, is and remains the mainspring in all areas of development, production, quality assurance and logistics. The used technologies and the huge number of VIP-VIRANT specific development and unreached product designs can proof this. At "specials production" you can see, which exclusive products are created by the symbiosis of the VIP-VIRANT innovation parameters.


Our innovative spirit is waiting for your tasks and applications. Challenge us!

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